WIT title card (1.2)
We're All In This Together
(often acronymised as 'WAITT' or 'WIT') is an online soap opera licensed by Red Lion Pictures, and published on the Writers Express creative writing forum. A test run of eight episodes was published between 11th July 2016 and 3rd February 2017, after which the project was dropped for seven months. Then on 2nd September 2017 - straight after the WRIXAS 13 ceremony - it was announced that a contemporary version of the project would soon commence. No date was given, but this is expected to be on 18th September.  WAITT follows the lives of those who reside in and around Eboracum Avenue, and to a lesser extent the fictional suburb of Yewtree in York, North Yorkshire. Although licensed under the 'Red Lion Pictures' moniker, it is written and produced solely by Ross. Noxy acts only as a series consultant and visual editor, but otherwise has no involvement in the project's continuity.

The project does not have its own Twitter account; all information relating to the show comes exclusively under the production company's Twitter account - Red Lion Pictures

The show uses a pitched, instrumental version of 'Something About You' by Jamelia as its theme tune.

The show's graphics use a mellow green theme, a nod to the semi-rural environemnt of the show's plots.




Last Appearance (Episode)

Duration (by episodes)

Character Count (%)
Abs Chopra Qasim Akhtar 1 1- 1 (100%)
Cameron Armstrong Michael Parr 1 1- 1 (100%)
Emma Cunningham Sammy Winward 1 1- 1 (100%)

Hannah Turner

Lucy Fallon



1 (100%)

Jason Foster

Aaron Fontaine



1 (100%)
Lewis Turner Jared Garfield 1 1- 1 (100%)
Martin Cunningham Philip Martin Brown 1 1- 1 (100%)

Mo Chopra

Pasha Bocarie



1 (100%)
Oliver Turner Sam Strike 1 1- 1 (100%)
Poppie Chopra Radhika Trivedi 1 1- 1 (100%)
Raj Chopra Bhasker Patel 1 1- 1 (100%)
Riley Cunningham Harrison Watson 1 1- 1 (100%)
Rob Turner Tom Lister 1 1- 1 (100%)
Rose Cunningham Lin Blakly 1 1- 1 (100%)
Sushma Chopra Meera Syal 1 1- 1 (100%)
Tanya Armstrong Jennifer Metcalfe 1 1- 1 (100%)
Tish Chopra Bhavnisha Parmar 1 1- 1 (100%)
Vanessa Turner Kim Tiddy 1 1- 1 (100%)

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