TDS title card (1.4)
These Days
(commonly 'TD' or 'TDS') is an urban and darkly emotional serial drama produced by Equanox Media and published on the creative writing forum Writers Express. It is set in and around two fictitious Leicester suburbs: Newben and Linford. The long-running setting of Middlehampton was dropped for this version of the project.

This is the second online incarnation of the project, and began on 1 February 2015 in real time. Like its predecessor, it is initially set in the near future, but once it catches up, it will fall behind real time, and so will essentially be set in the past. In TDS time, the show durrently airs three days a week - on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - since the 1 September 2015.

As of September 2017, the current version of the show has won 26 WRIXAS, including 'Best Soap' three times in a row.

On the 20th January 2016, as part of an efficiency drive, the project's Twitter account was mothballed. All information relating to the project has since come exclusively under the production company's Twitter account. From 2011-2016, this was Noxy Productions. However, at the end of 2016, it was announced the company was changing its name to Impossible Princess Productions (named after the 1997 Kylie Minogue album), which it did at 00:00 on 1st January 2017. On 4th September 2017, the company changed its name again to its current branding, Equanox Media.

Also at the end of 2016, it was announced that the show will be published once a week on Fridays from Friday 13 January 2017, with a maximum of three episodes per calendar month. That same week, it was also announced that the project will receive a visual revamp, effective as of Episode 37, which was published on Sunday 1 January 2017. Another visial revamp took place at Episode 53, which was published on Thursday 1 January 2017, although this was unannounced.

From 18th July 2017, an unannounced soap bubble called This Love began airing episodes, focussing on the relationship between characters Carrie Donnelly and Frankie Wells. Two installments of five have so far been publsihed.

On the 20th October 2017, Equanox Media published an unannounced scripted episode, focussing on the harrowing rape of character Lindsay Adams.

As of 8th December 2017 in real time (4th February 2016 in TDS time), there have been 69 episodes of the project to date.

The project airs on Fridays, averaging three episodes per calendar month. With Christmas approaching, output will slowdown and vary until 2018. The next episode will be published on Christmas Day.

For an in-depth guide to These Days, check out the official wiki

Title Card

The current title card was revealed unannounced on 1st June 2017. As with the previous new card, it was introduced to mark the new year - but in TDS time, whereas previously it was to mark the new year in real time. The current card bears similar hallmarks to the last one, but with some new angles. Blue remains but red is the more prominent; in fact red is more prominent in this title card than any other previously. Whilst the the previous title card opted for Leicester specific landmarks, this one instead opts for generic landmarks that are prominent in the show - such as a living room, a petrol station, a block of flats and a public park. The previously red bar is now a soft golden colour and is smaller. The title is now in lower case, the first time the logo has used this. It is also the first time red has not featured in the logo itself in some form, either as lettering or as a bar. Producer Noxy - who designs the cards - felt the red theme in the background images was 'enough red'. Noxy says that the current design was inspired by the 'carnival' theme Hollyoaks has used since September 2016. 'I wanted something along those lines but not a copy', she explains. 'Something that was both dramatic yet homely, colourful and that captures the spirit and diversity of These Days somehow. This was the end result, and I was very happy with it.'

Theme Tune

Since Episode 1, the theme tune has been 'Distance' by Schiller ft. Kim Sanders. Noxy felt that the song's 'ethereal atmosphere and emotional lyrics' captured the essence of what the show was about. In 1.0, the theme was 'Unfinished Sympathy (Paul Oakenfold Remix)' by Massive Attack.

Episode Recaps

A synopsis of the main stories in each episode will be published after the following episode has aired (for example, a recap of Episode 1 was published when Episode 2 aired etc.). To read these, please click on any of the links listed below:

Gradually, these Episode Recaps are being replaced by individual episode breakdowns. To find these, go to the search box on the These Days Soap Wiki site and type in the word 'episode' followed by the episode number you are looking for. To date, individual breakdowns exist for Episode 1-2 only.

Current Cast




Duration (by episodes)


Lisa Wright

Anna Acton



Glen Wright

Samuel Anderson



Rosy Lyons

Emma Rigby



Danielle Harvey

Jodie Bagnell



Liam Hardacre

Shaun Blackstock



Liz Doyle

Lysette Anthony



Anita Johnson

Michelle Monaghan


Regular Lee Rogers Chris Fountain 2-
Regular Jack Matthews Joseph Whelan 2-
Regular Stephen Chapman Max Brown 2-
Regular Jason Warren John Partridge 2-
Regular Maxine Donnelly Denise Welch 2-
Regular Chandra Patel Nikki Patel 2-
Recurring Bob Emerald Clive Mantle 2-
Regular Phil Donnelly David Crellin 2-
Regular Ed Marshall Ben Barnes 2-
Regular Carrie Donnelly Karen Gillan 2-
Regular Paul 'Woody' Woodley Will Merrick 3-
Regular Donna Lynch Samantha Mumba 3-
Regular Keeley Thompson Alice Barlow 3-
Regular Lindsay Adams Anna Shaffer 3-
Regular Tom Hornby Guy Burnet 3-
Regular Rachel Hornby Alice Connor 4-
Recurring Finn Walker Brad Leeks 4-
Regular Frankie Wells Eva McGillivray 9-
Recurring DS Helen Symanski Kazia Pelka 10-
Regular Ricki Marshall Kate Maberly 12-
Regular Jade Hudson Gemma Atkinson 14-
Recurring Kieran Woodley Richard Summers-Calvert 14-
Recurring Paige Hudson Honor Kneafsey 14-
Recurring Jodie 'JJ' Jacobson Eleni Foskett 15-
Recurring Alan Stanley Philip Martin Brown 23-
Recurring Parminder 'Pam' Patel Patsy Prince 24-
Recurring Declan Jenkins Elliot Hanna 26-
Recurring Jaimee Jenkins Roxanne Pallett 27-
Regular Mark Johnson Declan Bennett 27-
Regular Tony 'Dex' Dexter Chris Coghill 27-
Recurring Jerome Curtis Micah Balfour 35-
Recurring Trish Hobson Sue Johnston 36-
Reccuring Kaiden 'Bomber' Bombwell James Fletcher 38-
Reccuring Martin Walker Steven Pinder 41-
Recurring Saffron Lawson Madeleine Peart 50-
Regular Steph Lawson Katie Tranter 50-
Regular Casper Lawson Adam Philps 50-
Recurring Neil Lawson Andrew Hayden-Smith 53-
Regular Matt Macauley Ben Ryan Davies 63-

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