Saying It Out Loud Edit

Saying it out Loud
 is a one-off drama series based on a true story. Nicole Rayner (Michelle Keegan) was eight years old when her father Brian was diagnosed with an almost fatal brain tumour, but a place on clinical trial saved his life, but at a cost. The treatment left Brian both mentally and physically disabled and doctors didn't think he would make it, however Brian's survival instincts kicked and against all medical evidence he survived an extra thirteen years. 

Until one afternoon Nicole returns home on the last day of her first year at university to the news that Brian is suffering from lung cancer and it has already advanced to his brain and this time there is nothing they can do. Saying It Out Loud will explore from that day which changes Nicole's life forever and is sure to be powerful piece of drama.

SIOL launched with the first episode on Wednesday 19th August 2015, however due to personal circumstances only two episodes were posted and the project was put on ice.

On Monday 14th August 2017, Hannah announced that the project will relaunch on Sunday 1st October 2017 with the first two episodes being reposted. In a slight schedule change, SIOL returned to WX on Saturday 30th September 2017 with the first episode being reposted along with the original feedback.

As of Monday 11th December 2017 there has been 5 episodes of Saying it out Loud.


Character Duration Episodes
Nicole Rayner
2017 Episode 1 -
Brian Rayner
2017 Episode 2 -
Diane Rayner
2017 Episode 1 -
Jake Rayner
2017 Episode 1 -
Joan Rayner
2017 Episode 2 -
Tom Holder
2017 Episode 1 -
Cassie Sutton
2017 Episode 1 -
Angela Vine
2017 Episode 2 -
Chrissie Rayner
2017 TBC
Emma Rayner Smith
2017 TBC
Jen Ioannou
2017 Episode 3 -
Phillip Hyde
2017 Episode 4 -

The 'Saying it out Loud' Character Appearance CountEdit

As of: Monday 11th December 2017 | Number of Episodes to date: 5

Episodes Character
5 Episodes Nicole Rayner, Diane Rayner, Jake Rayner, Tom Holder
4 Episodes Brian Rayner
3 Episodes Angela Vine
2 Episodes  Cassie Sutton
1 Episode Joan Rayner, Jen Ioannou, Phillip Hyde
Yet to Appear Emma Rayner-Smith, Chrissie Rayner

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