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Now & Forever is a Cambridgeshire-based serial drama that launched on Writers Express on 2 September 2017,

Now & Forever Title Card

produced by Ben_J Productions and written and created by WX Forum Member Ben - who credits himself as Ben_J in episodes. Now & Forever focuses on the everyday lives of a variety of folk living in the fictional town of Rosborough, and surrounding districts Fairview, Chipston and Lower Barkley, all of which are also fictional. In terms of setting in the real world, Rosborough is located just North East of Cambridge, and South West of Ely, in Cambridgeshire. The soap, like reigning winner of Best Soap and Best Project Behind Closed Doors, is set in real time, and one episode may occasionally cover more than one day. This enables the project to reference real life events when necessary.

Talking about launching his first original continuing drama Ben said "I'm hugely excited and hugely nervous to be launching my first original soap in equal measure. By the time Now & Forever gets underway, I will have been a WX member for almost year, so it does feel like the right time. Still, it's daunting, especially since both TD (These Days) and BCD (Behind Closed Doors) have become so established and are just both so consistently bloody brilliant! (laughs) how annoying! But that can be a good thing too I suppose, as it forces me to raise my bar and work harder. I do feel there's a market for N&F as it's different to any other current material on the forum - I'm looking forward to this new challenge, but am going into it with no expectations - if it's meant to be, it will be, if not -  I'll keep trying! 

Ben settled on using NAV as the project's official code after deciding not to use 'NAF' due to its similarity to the British Informal word 'Naff' a word defined as something 'Bad, poor or inferior' by Colin's English Dictionary! Of course, the members of WX may decide that NAV is just that (laughs) but Ben hopes not!

As of 23 September 2017, the series has published FOUR episodes.

Premise & Title Card Edit

Now & Forever was conceived around Spring 2017, born as Ben fell in love with the projects on the forum at the time - These Days & Behind Closed Doors, and became hungry to have a soap/contuining drama of his own. He bashed around a few ideas, but NAV just felt like - as hackneyed as it is to say - 'the one'

Although the series may be referred to as 'Now and Forever' occasionally, it is officially stylised as Now & Forever.

The title card is a blurred-out depiction of an unknown British town, which is representing Rosborough. Although only blue is featured in the title card, green also runs through the project's design, this is shown through the 'Features' that are officially released, as well as the Episode Cards, which feature a green rounded rectangle as part of the design. Green is often synonymous with the countryside, so it is representing the more rural districts of Rosborough, such as Lower Barkley. However, On 17 September, the day after launching the third episode, the Now & Forever board was given a 'fresh lick of paint' and a minor reshuffle - the colour green being dropped completely from the graphics, and replaced with a 'fresh blue' colouring. The dark 'purplely' colour used as the colour scheme for subtitles and 'Break' bumper, was also replaced a cleaner, brighter shade of blue. Another change included the short lived 'Episode Teasers' thread being dropped completely, while the graphic 'Cast In Order Of Appearance' used at the end of episodes was also thrown in the bin, being replaced with just a simple white text instead of a graphic.

On the changes, Creator & Writer Ben said "In terms of the visuals, I felt there were a few teething problems that needed to be ironed out. The 'green' wasn't working at all in the graphics, and it all felt a bit 'dull' with the use of a very dark 'grey-ish' blue being something that particularly didn't look appealing. Dropping the 'Cast In Order of Appearance' graphic has made each episode post look less 'clogged up' and works much better" The individual cast cards that appear at the end of each episode were then subsequently decreased in size.

Episodes Edit

The first episode entitled 'I Hate You Don't Ever Leave Me' was published on 2 September 2017. This initial outing saw the first appearances of regular characters Crystal Torres (Demi Lovato), Seth Matthews (Jack Derges) Charlotte Matthews (Nicola Walker), Mandy Bailey (Fay Ripley), Emma Jones (Kimberley Nixon), Jason Bailey (Jassa Ahluwalia), Sandra Jones (Lesley Sharp), DC Rachel Woodward (Nicola Stephenson), DC Robbie Eastwood (Wilson James), Emily 'Skye' Horton (Emmer Kenney), and Kieran Matthews (Dominic Power) An appearance was also made by recurring character Kyle Morris (Luke Bailey)

The second episode entitled 'Rosborough's Like Vegas - Every Night is Saturday Night' was published on 9 September 2017. This second instalment saw the first appearances of Sonia Patel (Karen David) and Dee Horton (Amanda Holden)

The third episode entitled 'Have A Nice Life' was published on 16 September 2017. This episode introduced us to Martyn Becker (Charlie Higson) Eileen Stephenson (Sue Johnston) Ted Stephenson (James Greene) and Simon Bailey (Kevin Doyle)

The fourth episode entitled 'The Drunk Mind Speaks The Sober Heart' was published on 23 September 2017. It saw the first appearances of Matt Horton (Dean Andrews) Mikey Horton (Sam Webber) Josh Reeves (Ben Phasey) Holly Willis (Bibi Lucille) and Chrissy Burke (Rachel Leskovac)

Episode Recaps Edit

Need a quick, yet detailed reminder of what happened last time before you indulge in the next episode? Not a problem - find episode recaps here.

Feautres Edit

On 23 September 2017, following publication of the third episode it was announced that Jenna Coleman was joining the series in a 'regular' role as a blast from the past for Sonia Patel - her character Felicity Weathers will first appear in episode 5 on 29 September 2017. It was also confirmed that Sapphire Eila would be joining NAV in a recurring role as a character called Darcy Ingram. Their debut episodes mark NAV's move to Fridays permanently.

Alternative Closing Theme Edit

Ordinarily, episodes end with the theme tune - an Instrumental version of 'Paradise' by Coldplay - playing out over the closing credits; however occasionally an alternative theme is used. Below is a list of times alternative endings were used, and a song was played.

Episode Number

Date Reason For Alternative Theme Song Played
Episode One

S01 E01

2 September 2017 Jason Bailey finds lover Crystal Torres in a pool of blood having severely


'Breathe Me' By Sia (Instrumental Only)
Episode Four

S01 E04

23 September


Emma and Seth hug tightly after Seth had poured his heart out about the days leading up to his brother's suicide. 'Home Is Such A Lonely Place' By blink-182

Current Cast Edit

Charlotte Matthews Nicola Walker Regular S01 E01 - Present
Seth Matthews Jack Derges Regular S01 E01 - Present
Kieran Matthews Dominic Power Regular S01 E01 - Present
Mandy Bailey Fay Ripley Regular S01 E01 - Present
Simon Bailey Kevin Doyle Regular S01 E03 - Present
Jason Bailey Jassa Ahluwalia Regular S01 E01 - Present
Crystal Bailey Demi Lovato Regular S01 E01 - Present
Dee Horton Amanda Holden Regular S01 E02 - Present
Matt Horton Dean Andrews Regular S01 E04 - Present
Emily 'Skye Horton Emmer Kenney Regular S01 E01 - Present
Mikey Horton Sam Webber Regular S01 E04 - Present
DC Rachel Woodward Nicola Stephenson Regular S01 E01 - Present
Rev. Ronald Baker David Troughton Regular S01 E05 - Present
Maureen Baker Lin Blakley Regular S01 E05 - Present
Veronica Fuller Sally Dexter Regular S01 E05 - Present
Sonia Patel Karen David Regular S01 E02 - Present
DC Robbie Eastwood Dean Andrews Regular S01 E01 - Present
Sandra Jones Lesley Sharp Regular S01 E01 - Present
Emma Jones Kimberley Nixon Regular S01 E01 - Present
Eileen Stephenson Sue Johnston Regular S01 E02 - Present
Ted Stephenson James Greene Regular S01 E02 - Present
Martyn Becker Charlie Higson Regular S01 E02 - Present
Nikki Willis Sarah Parish Regular S01 TBA - Present
Holly Willis Bibi Lucille Regular S01 TBA - Present
Kyle Morris Luke Bailey Recurring S01 E01 - Present
Chrissy Burke Rachel Leskovac Recurring S01 E04 - Present
Yvonne Eastwood Heather Peace Recurring S01 TBA - Present
Rhys Whitmore Sean-Rhys James Recurring S01 E05 - Present
Beryl Woodward Gemma Jones Recurring S01 TBA - Present
Josh Reeves Ben Phasey Recurring S01 E04 - Present

Arriving Cast Edit

Felicity Weathers Jenna Coleman Regular Episode 5

30 September 2017

Darcy Ingram Sapphire Eila Recurring Episode 5

30 September 2017

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