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(shorthand 'IPP') is a one-woman broadcast drama company, run by Writers Express forum user Noxy. The company began with the publication of the debut episode of These Days 1.0, on 13th November 2011. From the 13th November 2011 - 31st December 2016, it was known by its previous name, 'Noxy Productions.' The company is named after a Kylie Minogue album from 1997.

IPP has overseen several successful projects since its inception, the most notable of which is the soap opera These Days 1.0, later followed up by These Days 2.0 (the current version is referred to simply as 'These Days', with original 'These Days 1.0').

In 2012, Noxy became involved in another soap opera, High Peak 1.0, with forum member M Gambitt, and they would go on to form the short-lived Gambox Productions. The project was an instant hit, winning five gongs at WRIXAS 2 including 'Best New Project'. In spite of this success, the show was later cancelled. Gambox then went to work on a second version, however M Gambitt pulled out of the project during this time. High Peak 2.0 then launched in September 2012 under Noxy Productions, but again stalled after only a short period. The project has not returned since.

Earlier in 2012, Noxy was asked to join another Writers Express soap opera, Uncertain Nights, with forum members Apple Cobbler and Ross, who together formed the production company Acorn Productions. The company expired when the project - which Noxy worked on until the end - was cancelled in January 2014.

2014 also saw the launch of the first non-soap opera IPP project, a five-part multi-genre mini-series called The You In Me. The project was well-received and won 2 WRIXAS, however it was followed up soon after by the more successful Miscarriage, a standalone drama. Miscarriage won 7 awards at WRIXAS 9, the second largest haul in the company's history at the time. However, this was overtaken at WRIXAS 10 when the then new project These Days 2.0 won 8 Writers Express awards. The most awards IPP has ever won at one ceremony is 9, for These Days 1.0 at WRIXAS 8.

2015 saw the launch of These Days 2.0 in February, whilst a sequel drama, The Me In You, was published throughout October, and acheived much greater success that its predecessor. In July 2017, IPP began publishing a five-part TD soap bubble called This Love, which focusses on the characters Carrie Donnelly and Frankie Wells.

To date, for her various projects past and present, both collaborative and solo, Noxy has won over 100 Writers Express Awards.

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